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Virtue: Whoever recites this duaa thrice from the night, one will probably be protected against toxic creatures, regardless of whether 1 is bitten by it.

Any usage of impure forces is strictly prohibited. You can find doubt the moment the verses with the Quran are desecrated, a sacrifice for apart from Allah , that the stains are utilised, that superstition is used ...

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Dua are more simply acknowledged when one performs the Faraidh (Compulsory obligations together with five situations salah, fasting in ramadan, hijab et.). Not one of the Nawafil (voluntary or sunnah) functions can change the fardh. For that reason, it's obligatory to fulfil all the Faraidh. Those that can read through Arabic or transliteration, must read through the translation from the dua to grasp its which means.

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 Asbah’naa wa asbah’al mulku lillaahi wal h’ amdu kulluhuu lillaahi aa’uuzu billaahil lazii yumsikus samaai an taqaa’a’lal azri illaa bi-iznihi min sharri maa khalaqa wa zara-a-a wa min sharrish shaitani wa shirkih.

Aa’uuzu biwajhil laahil kariimi wa bikalimaatillaahit taammaatil laati laa yujawizu hunna barrunw walaa faajirum min sharri maa yanzilu minas samaai wa min sharri maa yaa’ ruju fiihaa wa sharrii maa here zara-a fil arzii wa sharri maa yakhruju minhaa wa min fitanil laili wan nahaari wa min tawaariqal laili wan nahaari ilaa taariqany yatruqu bikhairiny yaa rahmaan.

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Amsainaa wa amsal mulku lillaahi walh`amdu kulluhuu lillaahi aa`uuzu billaahil lazii yumsikus samaa-a an taqa-a`a`lal arzi illa bi-iznihii min sharri maa khalaqa wa zara-a wa min sharrish shaitaani wa shirkihii.

La science légiférée extraite du Qur'an et de la sounna selon la compréhension de nos pieux prédécesseurs

قناة لتعليم اللغة الانجليزية لجميع المستويات عن طريق نشر المقاطع المترجمة حيث انه ثبت علمياً ان هذه افضل طريقة لتعلم اي لغة جديدة

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